When You Pray Ministries
"Transforming lives through the power of intercessory prayer"

About Us

When You Pray Ministries (WYPM) was founded by Felix & Shandranette Middleton. WYPM is a non-denominational ministry aimed to please God and give him the glory!

Felix & Shandranette has a tremendous passion to reach out to those who are lost and need to know the true Saviour Jesus Christ.  Furthermore they stand on believing that through the power of intercessory prayer lives are transformed.

As dedicated servants of God, it is the desire of the Middletons to continue to be used by God as Kingdom and bridge builders, bringing people together across racial, denominational, cultural and generational lines.

They live by the fact that all things work together for their good.   Furthermore, if God be for them who can be against them? (Romans 8:28 & 31)
              Felix & Shandranette Middleton
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